Building Commissioning

Building Commissioning


Building commissioning (Cx) is a quality assurance and proactive performance verification process that ensures that all building systems are installed properly and operated with the utmost optimal performance. The industry standard practice assures building owners, through demonstration, that a building’s MEP systems meet the requirements and design specs of the project. The process is crucial to confirming design intent and catching problems before the building is handed over to the building owners. At the end, commissioning also ensures that building staff is trained on the details and operations of each building MEP system.


Candid Sustainability provides a holistic quality assurance process where the commissioning processes begins during the pre-design phases and continues through the design, construction, and facility occupancy. We address buildings of all sizes and satisfy the independent third-party commissioning authority requirement for LEED projects. During the construction phase, we integrate commissioning meetings with the building staff and contractors into the construction schedule. Our commissioning agents (CxA) have a combined 50 years of HVAC-geothermal-splits, and design/build experience. Our LEED and building knowledge base positions us as your unique and dedicated partner to help insure LEED requirements and responsible installation practices are followed.

Scope of Work

We review all HVAC/R, domestic Hot Water systems, building automation systems, and renewable energy systems for LEED projects. We work with the building staff to create a comprehensive operations plan that will last well into the lifetime of the building. We follow all Building Commissioning Association and ASHRAE guidelines and have an extensive knowledge of all major HVAC manufacturers. We stay involved in the design process and make suggestions for improvement, just short of a formal review.

LEED Prerequisite

For LEED, fundamental commissioning is a mandatory requirement under EAp1 and enhanced commissioning under EAc3 is an optional credit. Enhanced commissioning can provide greater rewards and higher performance but also requires more paperwork. A commissioning agent (CxA), separate from the design team, is necessary to ensure third-party verification and is a LEED requirement for buildings over 50,000 sq. ft.

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