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Getting LEED Certification

Candid Sustainability provides design-to-occupation LEED consulting and administration (project management) services to create the desired and satisfactory LEED building. Our staff is well versed on all LEED systems and provides sound project management strategies toward successful LEED submission. Our focus on the design goes beyond just certification; our passion is to create energy-efficient, high-performing buildings that functions optimally well into the future. We truly want to see a solid sustainable building, no gimmicks or marketing ploys. We become an integral partner in the design and construction of the building, complimenting the work of the architect and general contractor, often as an owner’s representative on LEED matters. Our LEED consultants take on a LEED administrative role and guide clients through the LEED application and certification process. We stay involved in the project and handle all of the paperwork to make certain that your building is certified on time and with the most possible points.

As of October 31, 2016 all LEED projects need to be registered under LEED v4 rating system. Projects registered before that date, under LEED 2009 rating system, can continue submitting documentation until June 30, 2021.

About LEED

Candid Sustainability is a proud member of the USGBC. One of the most recognized and accepted certification standards for building design and construction is the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED offers a consensus-based, third-party verification, process to certify that a building's design, construction, and operation meets a standard that will reduce green house gas emissions, converse water and energy usage, and support the triple bottom line: social equality, environmental conservation, and economic vitality. Different certification levels, across most industry markets, can be earned for implementing various strategies based on environmental impact and human benefits. Many more buildings have designed and built buildings to LEED standards.

LEED offers different levels of certifications, based on a straightforward LEED checklist. The result is that architects, builders, and developers know that no matter where a project is situated, their building will be held to the same standards; similarly, clients and customers know just how "green" their building will be. The only requirement is that a building is able to meet the minimum project requirements and prerequisites. All systems are based on a checklist of credits and prerequisites that offer a total of 110 points. A minimum of 40 points is needed to achieve the minimum LEED Certified certification but buildings can achieve higher levels of certification. Projects can go on to achieve LEED Silver (50 points), LEED Gold (60 points), and LEED Platinum certification (80+ points) depending on the degree to which the building complies with environmental standards.

Scope of Work

LEED Administration involves all of the steps required for completion and submission of documentation to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) for building certification. This involves, but not limited to: registering the project with the USGBC, assigning credits to team members, reviewing architectural plans and construction documents, tracking credits, completing LEEDOnline forms, submitting documentation, and addressing credit interpretations requests. The scope also includes appropriately scheduled meetings and project reports/updates. We would either take on the LEED administrative role for the project team, or work in conjunction LEED administrator and project architect.

LEED consulting process


Candid Sustainability comes in the pre-design phase of the project to assist in aligning all parties involved around the LEED project. We lead a design charrette to go over design decisions and different options to create a green building. The charrette is to get everyone on the same page, explaining the benefits and process of LEED. From the charrette, a preliminary LEED checklist is created detail which LEED level of certification can be reached. All responsibilities are then assigned and distributed. The Owner’s Project Requirements will be recorded and followed through to the end the of construction process.


In the design process, Candid Sustainability works with the architect and building owner to ensure the Owner’s Project Requirements and LEED requirements are incorporated into the design process and all prerequisites are met. Discussions are conducted on specific materials, technologies, etc. With the general contractor, we assist with the specifications necessary for sub contractors. This will lead to the Basis of Design, a record of design intent following the Owner’s Project Requirements. Towards the end of design, all written plans are be made for construction and occupancy. And finally, submit any design-phase credits to LEEDOnline for review.


Candid Sustainability observes and continues the documentation during the construction process. We coordinate with the general contractor on tracking and collecting product receipts and recycling tickets. We take great care to make sure the LEED goals stay within any budgetary constraints. To mitigate any problems that may arise during construction our staff will notify the general contractor, such as changes from the specifications and delivered goods. Any unfinished design credits or LEED comment responses would be submitted at this time or along with the construction-phase credits.

LEED certification for new construction


For LEED 2009 rating system New Construction, Schools, and Core and Shell projects the final construction-phase credits or combined-phase credits would be submitted at this time. Candid Sustainability would work with the project team on all LEED reviewer comments to ensure certification. Once the credits are approved, The project would receive the project certificate and plaque. Candid would provide any marketing material/documentation the owners need. A review of the project building will be conducted after one year to make sure all is in order and functioning properly. The end goal being that we are able to showcase the sustainable benefits to the occupants, environment, and finances.

For LEED Existing Buildings, Candid would work with building owners and occupants during the performance period on documenting actual performance results for certification.

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