WE'RE IN THE BUSINESS OF HELPING. We’re committed to working with clients on making a truly better place. More nimble, more engaged and better equipped for a better future.


Candid is audacius about the kind of business we'd like to be and the future we'd like to see. It's that spirit that is rooted in adaptability and understanding of the world's changing metrics that allows us to look ahead and go beyond any individual.We understand that the vitality and diversity of the world is linked to the actions of everyone on this planet.

As a company, we examine how we do our work and how we can improve upon it, ever striving to better our selves, clients, society, and the planet. We serve to lead. leading is a responsibility. Through the labors of our love, the company will continue to evolve, to raise standards and provide encouragement and inspiration.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the understanding and adoption of sustainability. It's our responsibility to our friends, neighbors, employees, clients, society, and the environment in general to minimize the damage of climate change. The status quo is not acceptable. The job is to bring large-scale change, which may start off small, but involves moving beyond individual actions and to acting collectively.

The Candid Promise

To be Visible

Projects and clients should be able to see how we affected the project and how that in turn has improved their efforts and company goals


More interactive and entertaining. Our input must be positive and should always elicit momentum to move things forward.


Our clients need to look good at having the courage to move way from industry-standard practices. We reward and thank our clients for their actions.


Our clients and their project teams may have different levels of knowledge on a given subject. We are expected to be the experts that read into detailed technical documents but we must aslo be able to digest this information into easy and understandable bits.