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As an idea, sustainability is about the dynamics and interconnectedness of all the complex systems on this planet and the health and vitality of these systems. As a discipline, sustainability is the evolving response to urgent planetary challenges. Ensuring the success of life on this planet and the long-term future of our culture and the natural world that we depend on, about recognizing the interdependences of all of the parts and pieces on this planet, covering a wide range of topics as ecosystems, social equality, environmental justice, food, energy, and product life cycles. In layman's terms, sustainability about doing what's right and best for each situation, not about checking boxes, compliance, or public relation stunts. It's about embedding strategies from the source to the end-user that will have a lasting impact on the people and the environment.

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In our portfolio you can browse the latest interior designs created in various styles and for different purposes. Our qualified design professionals are always ready to design something spectacular for you, even if it’s a residential interior improvement.



LEED administration, or project management, involves the documentation and implementation of measures to reduce carbon footprint and improve the health and vitality of building occupants. Candid sustainability is a USGBC National Member with LEED Accredited professionals on staff. Our LEED consultants work with our clients though the entire LEED application and certification process and assist the project team through the entire design, construction, and operational phases. We stay involved with the entire project team and handle all of the paperwork that make certain that the project building is certified on time and with the most points possible.

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Building commissioning (Cx) is a quality assurance and proactive performance verification process that ensures that all building systems are installed properly and operate with the utmost optimal performance. The industry standard practice assures building owners, through demonstration, that a building’s MEP systems meet the requirements and design specs of the project. The process is crucial to confirming design intent and catching problems before the building is handed over to the building owners. In the end, commissioning also ensures that building staff is trained on the details and operations of each building MEP system. Candid provides fundamental and enhanced building commissioning for LEED certification.

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Whole building energy simulations, or simply energy models, are a powerful tool not only necessary to earn LEED certification, but more importantly, to assist the project team in accurately evaluating energy reduction strategies that maximize both energy and cost efficiency and minimize the impact on the environment. Energy models create estimations of energy usage for new construction and renovations of existing buildings. The analysis is based on the actual design and occupancy assumptions and is used to examine the energy performance in comparison to a baseline. Candid Sustainability works with architects and engineers to optimize building performance and with developers on documenting savings for financial incentives.

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Energy audits, or energy assessments, are the first step to understanding energy usage. It is an in-depth, unobtrusive (no holes in drywall), survey of your building. The audit is not intended to uncover mistakes or assess a penalty, it is simply to showcase no-cost or low-cost energy reduction measures and later capital improvements if necessary. The information later acts as spot checks to see how the building performs in comparison to similar buildings on the market.

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Candid Sustainability provides technical and strategic sustainability consulting services to organizations in the private and public sector to facilitate the planning, design, construction, and operations of energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. Our expertise in sustainable and energy-efficient design and construction spans across different markets, offering solutions specific to each industry, client, location and project. Our expertise is being able to take broad ideas and transform them into real world strategies. Giving our clients the comfort to make the right decisions with the technical data to back it up.

"If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, designed or removed from production."

Pete Seeger, Folk Singer & Social Activist


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